Friday, September 6, 2013

Nobody puts LitterBox in the corner...

Throughout my software development career, the screen real estate that I have been able to work with has been steadily growing.

I started out with 80x25 character based terminals and progressed all the way up to doing most of my development with a browser based UI.

Mobile development is forcing me to rethink how I use space.  Suddenly, I don't have a giant virtual workspace that is easily navigated with a mouse.

And, so - for the first time in a while I need to take a step backwards and carefully think about every little bit of screen space.  It is a good change and has been refreshing to view everything through a new lens.  But, it is taking some time to adapt to the new paradigm.

And, that is why LitterBox is coming along slower than I originally hoped and thought.

But, it is still coming (still not quite ready for prime time).

And when it gets here, all that data should fit into it quite nicely...
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