Saturday, August 8, 2009


It is very easy to have being 'too busy' become the reason for everything that you don't get around to doing.

But, I suspect (and very much hope) that getting more organized will help.

I recently tried to put together a todo list and managed to get half a page of software fixes that I needed to do (almost certainly an incomplete list) onto the list along with 'make complete todo list' and 'enter todo list into some kind of software to keep track of it'.

I didn't get much farther than that because I thought that the only way that tracking my list would only make sense if I had a mobile device of some kind that would allow my to access the list when I was away from my computer.  And right now my phone is decidedly 'not smart'.  Which is fine for my phone - all I do with it is make and receive calls.

But, it is not good for me - because that basically ended my quest for becoming organized.

So, this past week I have begun 'Organization Attempt 2.0'.

Rather than putting the list of software issues onto a piece of paper - I finally got around to entering all of them into the issue tracker that I installed over a year ago to just that.  I had been entering them as someone became available to work on them (which makes any kind of planning rather difficult).  I probably missed some (or lots) of issues.  But it is a start.  And as long as I can keep the list updated as I remember them (or they raise their ugly heads) - then I will be freeing up a big block of mental space for more useful purposes.

I am still wrestling with the idea that I need a mobile device to carry around a digital version of the rest of my todo list.  I still have several months left on my mobile phone contract and my provider does not sell the smartphone that I would want to get.  Getting out of my contract is not particularly cheap (over a hundred dollars) and I do not want to settle for one of the phones that they do have.

I want to get rid of that excuse though.

I'm tired of being overwhelmed all of the time.