Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Probably dumping the Litter out in the trash...

Well, I managed to get the first part of LitterBox written.

And, this is what I managed to make...

I have a screen that allows the user to set up attributes that can be used to describe things and swipe over to another screen that allow them to specify the values that can be selected for them.  And, another screen that allows the user to specify classes that things can be grouped into.  Again, swipeable to another screen that allows you to specify which attributes are used to describe the class.

I learned how to do a number of things in programming in Android:

  • Set up an SQLite database
  • Create a content provider pointing at that database
  • Setting up content loaders to manage adapters that will make loading data into views
I finally managed to figure out that the main idea that I had for what LitterBox would do and the way that it would help simplify future development was wrong.  But, it was worthwhile to do because I got my foot in the door.

While I was building my LitterBox...I think I've actually figured out a real, useful app to build.  And with the skills I've learned, I should be able to create it.