Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big snakes and programming...

I have started trying to learn Python again.

This time, I am using the book "Hello! Python" by Anthony Briggs.

I am only a few chapters in so far, but it is an easy read.  It is going fairly slowly for me, but that is because its audience is beginning programmers.  And, it seems like it would be great for new programmers (or hobbyists) getting started with Python.

The book is still in its 'early access' phase, so it is only available online as a PDF.  But, you can order it as a 'real' book too and get a copy in digital form to start on while you are waiting.

Did you miss me...

I had these grand plans for this blog and I think that those big plans kept me from keeping active here.

I thought that I needed to have something big and important to say before I said anything.

I am going to try to get over that.

Small things can be important too.