Friday, March 14, 2008

Employees of 'some company' are not eligible...

As if to highlight the fact that programmers (typically) make poor testers (at least for systems that they worked on) - A new Geronimo user sent a question to the support list that basically said "When I deploy an app to the root context it doesn't say that it is in the correct place".

That is something that I noticed quite a while ago. But, because I was able to work around it - I never bothered to look any deeper. This is at least the second time that someone else had to complain about something before I 'scratched my own itch' to fix a problem that I had experience myself.

Well, it is fixed now.

Hopefully, I will learn my lesson this time. If I run into a problem, then there is a good chance that someone else will too (eventually). Besides fixing a problem once means I don't have to remember how to work around it.

My brain is cluttered enough as it is.

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