Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's not just a scary snake anymore...

Looks like computer languages are going to get boosted.

I have begun taking a look at both Groovy and Python/Django.

So far, Groovy seems to be a streamlined version of Java that preserves complete compatibility with Java bytecode. I will have to do more playing before I can say anything more interesting about it though.

Python/Django are actually a combination of a language (Python) and a high-level web framework written in it (Django).

Python is kind of strange. There is no real declaration of variables - they just start to exist when you first use them. And, they are loosely typed - So, you can assign a variable a string value, then assign the same variable a numeric value. And the type magically changes. Also, whitespace matters. Rather than having any kind of code blocking characters, Python uses indenting.

Django looks like it should be useful for me at least for some more utilitarian sites. I'm fairly sure that as I get more comfortable with it, there will be more uses that 'pop up'. But for now, my unfamiliarity with Python and basic distrust of high-level languages are holding that back.

Stay tuned.

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