Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing like starting small...

I had nearly forgotten what it was like to start from scratch.

Actually, I think that I did forget what it was like to start from scratch.

I have been programming professionally for twenty years now. And except for toy projects - only about three years of that time was spent working on projects that started in my head. Everything else has been upgrades and changes to significant code bases started by someone else.

And even the current focus of my professional work (which started in my own head) is two years since its start. Even it feels like working on an established code base. Many of the decisions that were made on design/implementation choices were just the farthest reach of what I knew how to do.

Now, I know a lot more than I did then - And that makes things more complicated when deciding which approaches I should use for AccSys.

Well, the going is slower than I thought it would be -

But it is going!

Finally (geeze).

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