Monday, February 24, 2014

Did someone get the number of that bus...

So, headache it is.

If you caught my post from Friday then you know that I planned to push through getting the beginning of an app that would be deployed to Apache TomEE over the weekend or get a headache trying.

Well...My Saturday got swallowed up by household maintenance issues so Sunday got the brunt of the coding effort.  And (did I mention that I have the attention of a squirrel in the face of new tech?) a decent chunk of my time got eaten up by trying to wrangle heroku into submission as a TomEE hosting service. There were a couple of existing 'buildpacks' (heroku's means of customizing the deployment environment) for Tomcat and TomEE - but they did not work for me. So, I set out on the path of trying to build one that would work.

After many hours of trial and error - no success. But, I do have some clues and a new resolution to search for more experienced eyes (just have to figure out where they would be...).

And, most importantly - I have a renewed resolution to get back to the main effort and to quit yak shearing (I love that term!).

Putting away the clippers now.

Back to coding...

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